Fehim Tabak

Software Developer

Currently i'm working on Trick Or Visa which is a website to see visa requirements for other countries. You can check the source code at GitHub. Also try Dribbble Resizer for resizing your designs to share on Dribbble.

  • Fehim Tabak
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Full Stack DeveloperJuly '16 - Current

    LUUP - London/United Kingdom | Remote

    LUUP is a tight-knit team of data architects, engineers, entrepreneurs and explorers with a passion for online payments. In past lives, we've worked on e-commerce, analytics, site conversions, mobile payments, speech recognition, call centers, IVR, premium rate, SMS, text recognition, and more.

  • Backend DeveloperAugust '15 - July '16

    Quantimodo - Illinois/United States | Remote

    At first i worked on the old version of the api and wrote tests for it, also made improvements and solved problems about inconsistency in the code. After that we started writing the new api in Laravel. Also old api is still being maintained which is written in Slim and new api is being written in laravel

  • Full Stack DeveloperMay '15 - August '15

    Soound - California/United States | Remote

    Second time i worked on Soound, they needed some improvements and new features so i helped them for a short period time about it. Currently their project is on hiatus.

  • Software DeveloperJuly '14 - May '15

    MetGlobal - İstanbul/Turkey

    I started working at Metglobal with the hope of developing an ERP system with Symfony2 but they changed their mind and we started using an open source ERP system called Odoo. In that time i learned how to develop specific modules in Odoo using their framework. It was my first working experience with Python.

  • Full Stack DeveloperNov '13 - Sep '14

    Soound - California/United States | Remote

    Soound was my first remote job even the fact i was living in the US at that time too. I started with integrating zeromq in their project also helped on changing their front end design. Other than that we were still in beta so i added new features and solved current problems. At some point i was the only developer in the team.

  • Software DeveloperNov '10 - Aug '13

    Ubit - İstanbul/Turkey

    As my first job in this field i learned a lot from Ubit, i was working mostly on web sites but i had opportunity to be a part of their startup projects and build an api for it in node.js and mongodb. Other than that i used slim and zend framework with mysql, postgresql and oracledb.


Language skills

  • Turkish

  • English

Programming Skills

  • Php

  • Symfony 2 / Doctrine

  • Laravel 5

  • Zend Framework

  • Slim Framework

  • Python

  • Restful APIs

  • MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle

  • MongoDB

  • Node.js

  • Java

  • Frontend

Other Skills

  • Unix Systems

  • AWS

  • Git / SVN

  • Agile Software Development

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